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The ReEngine Advantage

ReEngine Consulting has a significant advantage in helping government entities implement process improvement projects, achieve quality objectives, and maintain continuous improvement.

Our approach

We focus on government process improvement.

Standing on the shoulders of giants, ReEngine combines proven private-sector methodologies with government expertise, resulting in breakthrough performance for government.

ReEngine’s team has trained over 450+ government staff in its Government Quality Improvement (GQI) methodologies. This training has enabled their teams to implement process improvement projects of their own once ReEngine staff is no longer involved with those teams.

ReEngine’s approach to process improvement in government combines the very best aspects of Lean, Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints (TOC). By combining these methodologies GQI practitioners can focus on all critical aspects of process improvement: letting empirical data drive the process, the elevation of the primary process bottleneck, and the elimination of waste.

GQI uses Lean, Six Sigma, and Project Management (PMBOK) tools to improve processes. TOC forms the core of the methodology, and this is a new addition to government but is desperately needed. TOC’s focus on the primary value and bottleneck for the organization means that leadership can direct its effort at understanding and elevating that bottleneck. By focusing on only one aspect from only one school of thought (only Lean or only Six Sigma), the improvement never reaches its full potential.

How does an organization aspire to and train its staff to inculcate a culture of continuous improvement? What does it look like when an organization finally achieves that vision? How do we make sure that, once achieved, this culture doesn’t wither? That the muscle doesn’t atrophy? To accomplish a continuous improvement program, an organization must not only implement continuous improvement, but embrace it. This is accomplished through the adoption of the four pillars of ReEngine’s Government Quality and Improvement methodology:

  • Strategic Compass
  • Journey Board
  • Visual SOP
  • Dashboards & Scorecards

Our services

ReEngine Consulting offers services to public sector clients that wish to improve their operations. 


A week long training session with green belt certification in ReEngine’s Government Quality Improvement (GQI) methodology.

Strategic Leadership

ReEngine staff guides the client through a series of process and quality improvement projects.


ReEngine delivers recommendations and services as requested by the client.

Full Process Improvement

A week long training and green belt certification in ReEngine’s GQI course. ReEngine then works with the client’s staff in a series of process improvement projects in which client staff takes increasing levels of leadership in the projects.

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