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ReEngine Consulting is an American small business founded by former government employees with the belief that government performance has reached a plateau.

The public sector can achieve more, but not with the tools they have. They need to refocus their human and IT capital with a proven solution.

The trouble is that without a clear, proven methodology by which to understand and improve one’s organization, that cut is not necessarily reducing waste. It is very possible that this could reduce core services without actually reducing inefficiency.

ReEngine has developed its Government Quality Improvement (GQI) methodology over several years. It is a blending of Lean and Six Sigma tools, but has at its core the Theory of Constraints. These are proven private sector business strategies that have been meticulously honed in GQI specifically for government.

Commonalities between government and business should include efficiency, cost effectiveness, focus on the customer (taxpayer), and the drive to continuously improve. However, there are certain realities government agencies face that are either significantly different from, or in addition to, what businesses face. Oversight, rules, governance, and compliance are a few examples which complicate and constrain government.

Thus, to achieve long term improvement the strategy must account for these government nuances while mirroring private sector success.

Improving efficiency

How do we make government better?

ReEngine’s staff have seen tremendous success, both as government employees and later as a business working to make government better, in utilizing GQI to achieve significant improvements.

The potential exists for executives to challenge their organizations to find 25% of excess capacity. In nearly every instance where GQI has been applied, this 25% threshold has been achieved or exceeded.

Imagine a Federal team of 3,000 able to do the work that used to require 4,000 people. This is a 25% improvement typical of ReEngine’s GQI capabilities. If the average salary on this team was only $40,000, that would be a savings of about $40M per year, with no dip in speed of service delivery or in quality.

Like government agencies, ReEngine is a purpose driven organization that not only envisions a better, more efficient government, but has the power to create it.

ReEngine recognizes that government gets better when scrutinized by the taxpayer. The goal of ReEngine is to enable public sector organizations to reach their true potential in terms of efficiency and effectiveness while simultaneously creating accountability and transparency. Enable our government teams to reach their production and quality goals while understanding the true cost to achieve them.

Not only will this help the organization improve its own operations, it will help elected officials and oversight agencies better understand how agencies operate day-to-day to accomplish the work of government. Better understanding will lead to better planning and better goal-setting.

Governments that have worked with ReEngine are better prepared to meet the demands of taxpayers and government oversight agencies for three reasons:
  • Government leaders have a detailed understanding of their budgets.
  • They know how much it costs to produce their services or goods.
  • They make operational decisions based on ROI, customer needs, and other financial information.
GQI has proven effective in all types of government organizations:

Production/service delivery, policy, legal, fiscal/accounting services, and regulatory/oversight just to name a handful.

While many of the typical uses of Six Sigma and Lean in the private sector surround manufacturing, ReEngine has been able to demonstrate empirically that the same level of improvements can be achieved in government organizations

The team

Meet the ReEngine team

ReEngine staff comprises individuals that have dedicated their careers to public service.

They have spent the majority of their careers working in public sector organizations and committed themselves to the principles of continuous improvement and the belief that hard working individuals can make things better.

The ReEngine team holds advanced degrees in Public Administration and numerous certifications in process improvement methodologies.

Alfredo Mycue

Alfredo Mycue

Co-Founder & Director of Strategy

Alfredo spearheads the ReEngine methodology and training curriculum, in addition to project work. Alfredo in an international keynote speaker, delivering ReEngine’s innovative tools and techniques to government professionals worldwide.

David Johnson

David Johnson

Co-Founder & Director of Operations

David, in addition to project work, is responsible for running ReEngine Consulting and developing innovations in process metrics and performance analytics.

Neal Wendt

Process Improvement Expert

Neal is a dual certified GE and US Air Force Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Neal specializes in Lean Six Sigma redesign, business model re-engineering, organizational leadership and strategic planning.

Marissa Limsiaco


Marissa is an efficiency expert and has a Masters in Public Administration from UT-Austin with extensive experience as a management consultant and entrepreneur.


Giving back

ReEngine has an underlying mandate, a calling, to improve government nationally and globally.

ReEngine’s Mission 
Enable governments to become continuously improving organizations capable of serving its citizens today with higher quality and more efficient services than yesterday.

ReEngine’s Vision
ReEngine envisions governments everywhere embracing a purpose-driven management paradigm that directly result in increasingly higher quality services while achieving higher levels of efficiency. ReEngine envisions itself at the nexus between business methods of continuous improvement and the translation of these techniques into viable government improvement and quality assurance methodologies.

ReEngine’s Conviction
Government does not have to wallow and list in the wake of our ultra-modern society. All too often government, built with cautiousness and accretion over decades, has become entangled in a Gordian knot of bureaucracy which restricts flow of value to our citizens. Government should not be a constraint in the lives of its citizens. If governments embrace the established and proven principles of continuous improvement, they can evolve into learning organizations capable of meeting the changing demands of our dynamic society.

This broad company mission and vision has invited ReEngine efforts that are philanthropic and community-based in nature.

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