Childcare Eligibility - State Workforce/Labor Agency

ReEngine staff helped the Agency improve their efficiency by 17%.

Eligibility, Determinations

Project Leadership

ReEngine staff engaged with staff at the State's Workforce/Labor Agency (both HQ and field staff) to reduce the amount of effort and time required to complete each determination of eligibility for the subsidized childcare program for the State.

Included within the team’s mandate was to increase the quality of each determination to reduce the amount of both false positives and false negatives. While not permitting per se, the improvement elements ReEngine staff helped to implement are extremely similar to those needed within ODFW. The ultimate goal is to be able to conduct each license/permit review and decision with less time needed (and thus less money) while reducing the number of times a permit/license is issued where it should be denied and denied where it should be issued. ReEngine staff was able to identify the sub-process constraining the system and elevate that constraint such that it became the “drum” for the entire process. The time required has been reduced as much as 17% amongst field offices and the quality of those determinations has risen. Less effort is required to produce better determinations.